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For India’s COVID-19 vaccination roll-out to be successful, the government needs to start publishing timely open public procurement data about the entire vaccine supply chain.

The second wave of this pandemic is upon India and we have taken over the rest of the world in number of cases and number of deaths. The loss felt by us in the last two months has been staggering and we will continue to feel this loss for many generations. What went wrong?

Most of the measures we need to resort to combat this pandemic have been eerily similar to the measures taken ninety…

Winter days

Think I’ll learn my lesson, yeah

Over the past couple of months, life has mostly dwindled into the smallest possible version of itself. If life can be as big as seeing all of the world and all of its people. In it’s smallest version there is almost nothing. You wake up, you work, you eat and you sleep.

In the cold, it almost feels like some version of hibernation. You don’t move more than a 1000 steps through the day, you walk through life in some sort of trance waiting. Though I am not sure for what. This feeling to pass. This sparseness, the cold, the…

Sucks the last of summer from our cheeks

Two days after I came to Canada and the day I was supposed to turn my phone off and head into a silent meditation quarantine retreat. My sister called and her first words were “Don’t panic!”. These are never good words unless of course you happen to come across a book with them inscribed on it which professes to tell you the best way to irritate a Vogon (which is by the way to feed his grandmother to the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal). …

Link to register for #IndiaFOSSweek

What’s all the FOSS about?

There is something special about Free & Open Source Software (FOSS).

It has always been a vanguard, a revolutionary. And like most revolutionaries, it has been ahead of its time and the world took some time to warm up to it. Even more dangerously, it was an idea. A disruptive idea that asks us to collectively imagine a world where all information is free. Where cooperation and freedom go hand in hand.

Now however, FOSS has been the basis for most of the information technologies we rely on. It has come a long way since its inception in the early…

En Route to Bhaderwah. The river Chenab

It has been more than three months since I have written a month note. I have not really felt up to it. But i guess I need to commit to memory at least some of the things that have happened over this year.

I am in Canada now and going to go into a two week quarantine self meditation retreat. I have not seen much of Canada other than the various airports and the AirBnB I plan to hunker down in. But the last five months were spent in Jammu.


Never seemed so strange

  • This month was the month of my birthday. It felt a bit like childhood, we ate cake, crisps, and pop through the day. Steven bought me a DSLR and I have been trying to take some photos with it. Some of them are below. They are not very good. If anyone has any easy tutorials, please do send them on.
  • I also went from being the owner of one set of IEMs to now having three devices for sound: a Bluetooth earphone for my running experience (Steven's pressie) and one shower compatible speaker for my showering experience (mum’s pressie). …

Egon Schiele’s “The Family,” 1918 Belvedere Museum


There is a purpose to inertia

The safest place to be is in limbo

Is it okay that I am moving

when the world stays still…

It is time for my month note and while things have happened over the month, the things that have happened over the last week have smudged any memory from the rest of the month and all I am left with are some blurred shapes.

I keep trying to think about how I felt last month, but my senses are dulled, I cant really tell…I don’t know if this is my body coping with loss…

Harebrained Hyperbole

“ देख देख देख तू यहाँ वहाँ ना फेंक …

देख देख देख तू यहाँ वहाँ ना फेंक …

देख फैले गी बीमारी होगा सबका बुरा हाल …

तो का करें भैया ?

गाड़ी वाला आया । घर से कचरा निकाल …”

Shyam Bairagi

All my life I have had a terse relationship with making rotis. My mother rarely made rotis and when she did, the rotis always tasted more healthy than necessary — so, for a long time even eating them was not a part of my life (this of course changed when Manjit da Dhaba became a…

This month is an ode to food.

“Every evening I hear the bells

Like a baton being passed along the mountain-side

I keep waiting everyday

an arpeggio”

I never realized how much I took food for granted. Of all the things I thought would affect me during the lock-down — food was not high on the list. But it turns out I really really enjoy eating! I need to come to terms with the special place food has in my heart — other than than the literal butter that is clogging up my arteries.

I had to come to terms with the fact that I ate out…

Viral Pandemonium

“I sit at the edge of the earth watching it go viral. Wondering when it will be safe to go buy cake next.”

The month of march was mostly Panic. But i will try not to concentrate on that. I do not feel like talking or writing, so this is going to be short-er.

Before the country went into a complete lock-down with 4 hours of notice, I managed to walk 80 km around Dharamkot, Bhagsu, McLeod Ganj and Naddi in the month of march. I saw many mountain goats and a couple of waterfalls.

Preethi Govindarajan

Puttering with data science. Thoughts are mostly derivative.

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